If you're a healthcare professional, physician, doctor, or anyone committed to advancing Lifestyle Medicine, join us in transforming health and healthcare. Contribute to the prevention and management of chronic diseases arising from lifestyle choices, societal influences, environmental factors, and more.

PALM, welcomes individuals from the medical, non-medical field and corporate entities as partners.

PALM Annual Membership Fee / Renewal Fee

Physician  PKR. 5,000  
Allied Health PKR. 4,000
    * Non-Medical   PKR. 3,000      

* (Educationist, Social Workers, Students Others)

Membership Benefits

Joining Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine (PALM) as a member can offer a range of benefits, providing individuals with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Here are some potential benefits of becoming a member of Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine (PALM)

Access to Educational Resources

Networking Opportunities

Professional Development

PALM offers professional development opportunities, such as workshops, conferences, and seminars that can enhance members' knowledge and skills in the field of lifestyle medicine.


Exclusive Events and Conferences

Members may have access to exclusive events and conferences where they can learn from experts, participate in discussions, and stay updated on the latest developments in lifestyle medicine.

Supportive Community

 Joining a lifestyle medicine community creates a supportive environment where individuals can share experiences, challenges, and successes. This sense of community can be motivating and encouraging an example is walk with the Doc initiative in Pakistan.


Publications and Newsletters

Members often receive regular newsletters or publications containing updates on industry news, research findings, and relevant articles, keeping them informed about the latest developments in lifestyle medicine.

Discounts on Educational Programs

PALM may offer members discounts on educational programs, certifications, or training courses related to lifestyle medicine, making it more accessible for individuals to further their education in the field.

These include but limited to:


Advocacy and Policy Influence

Being part of an association allows members to contribute to advocacy efforts and support policies that promote lifestyle medicine. Associations often advocate for public health initiatives that align with their mission.


Access to Experts and Thought Leaders

Members may have the opportunity to interact with and learn from leading experts and thought leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine through webinars, speaker series, or member-exclusive events.

Research Opportunities

PALM actively engage in or support research initiatives. Members may have the chance to participate in research projects or gain access to the latest research findings in lifestyle medicine.


Career Opportunities

 Membership in a PALM can enhance one's professional credibility and visibility. It may also open doors to career opportunities through networking and exposure within the community.

Advertising through PALM

The Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine (PALM) recognizes the importance of promoting qualified professionals who align with its mission and values and encourages its qualified members to proudly display the association's logo, fostering a sense of professionalism and unity within the lifestyle medicine community.

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