SWIPE Virtual Training & Internship of Lifestyle Medicine

(2nd Batch) 

SWIPE Virtual Internship offers a comprehensive, flexible and practical way of getting acquainted to all the competencies of Lifestyle Medicine including:

– A complete understanding of LM history taking and follow-ups
– Ethics of Group Medical Appointments (GMAs)
– Motivational interviewing and Coaching skills
– Inclusion of behavior change theories
– Root cause analysis
– Differential diagnosis
– Dealing with lapse and relapse patients
– Utilization of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
– Search and use of international evidence and research
– Data collection and research for validation of six pillars

Our SWIPE Team

Internship Options

1 Fast Pace Internship
– Eligibility: Medical and Allied health care professionals
– Duration of Internship – 3.5 months
– 120 hours of Lifestyle Medicine teaching
– Includes 10 days Crash course of LM philosophy, it’s pillars, a personalized lifestyle prescription, group discussions, and research projects
– No CME credits
– Fee -PKR 60,000/ USD 500

2 Routine Pace internship

– Duration of internship – 3 months
– Pre-requisite- six months certification of LMPC from Riphah Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (Fee – PKR 60,000/USD 500)
– CME hours based
– 4 hours of weekly teaching- 2 days per week teaching activities
Fee of Internship only – PKR 30,000

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